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Early childhood is a crucial period to acquire language. The role of mothers in providing stimulus to children in language acquisition is very important. This study aims to describe how the effect of multiple sequential activities stimulation techniques given by a mother to her 21 months old child on language acquisition during social restriction policy caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Stimulus is given to a child by using The Multiple Sequential Activities Stimulation Techniques. Subjects and objects in this study are sounds, word forms, and sentences of 20 months old child, who initially is only able to pronounce a few vowels and consonants. The case study method is used in this research. The data were collected using participatory observation methods. Then, the data were analyzed using the grammatical match method. The results showed that the stimulation of techniques provided by the mother, who has an optimal contribution to the language development of early childhood. The stimulation techniques given by the mother showed that a child can pronounce all vowels clearly and only a few consonants that cannot be pronounced (f, g, k, r, q, z, v). Morphologically, a child can pronounce nouns, verbs, adjectives, and numerals. Syntactically, a child can pronounce telegraphic sentences.

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Salamah, S., Murtadho, F., & Rasyid, Y. (2022). The Effect of Multiple Sequential Activities Stimulation Techniques to Early Childhood Language Acquisition During Social Restriction of COVID-19 Policy in Indonesia. Basic and Applied Education Research Journal, 3(1), 22-27.


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